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Influence Peddling

Men of renown may continue to tell their story, but the sea is no longer under their control. Already well acquainted with the ways of water, the adult boy has adapted with a lifetime of adaptation and the saliency required to apprehend threats previously imperceptible that forced an adaptation without recourse.


The world is good, but sometimes the judgments of men fail. To condemn the world for the consequences that result is not useful. What's worked for me is to let the world teach me how to cope with the poor decisions of those who've taken my own from me.

Assumptions about the youth of my generation led to the separation of my children from me. Convinced of racy stories concocted by those who desired to possess them, they presumed the value of our effort to correct problems in the world that resulted from our father's generation was tainted by ourselves and so it goes.

Fortunately, we were saved by a youth of today who admired the way of the water brought by a boy. Though the water that resulted was dirty, unlike a cesspool which cannot be cleaned, the rivers and water tables below can be cleaned and kept clean by taking actions such as those accomplished during the 1980s in the Twin City Metro Area, like the repair of a leaky landfill in Eden Prairie during the early 1980s.

To condemn that boy for the extraction of oil reserves by fracking because his father was involved in the oil industry is ludicrous. And to prevent the opportunity to become self supporting, or to provide for his own by calling out the behavior after working on corrections, not only at home, but also in his community is just wrong.

The complexity of our society is poorly understood. There are extremes of violence and sexuality that are not found in more homogenous cultures, but we are better prepared to work on the methods of control used upon us than the various live together to find out how they play.

As we seek a more perfect union, we encounter the limitations that others may not be familiar with. Like the twin studies conducted by our University, we already know that cohabitation can only proceed so far. Covid taught us that problems with much more impact, like the aids epidemic, or conjoined twins were not motivating enough because very few, or undesirable populations suffered from the condition, but when intimacy, or the freedom to assemble of the many is prevented by biohazards, then resources are provided to find a way to adapt and incest is simply ignored.

I wrote about my experience with a woman who had a twin. We shared a night together in a warm room on a cold night during which I was able to experience that kind of intimacy with her. But her twin died and so did my child. That the child may have been rejected due to opinions about my childhood that were bandied about disturbed me and I found comfort with her and my belief in my child's opportunity to make way despite the limitations of his (or her) short life.

Beliefs about incest differ when the suspicions are focused on boys. Gay sex has been largely condemned for many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that males cannot copulate in a clean manor, so the problems aren't even discussed. Suspicions about a boy, or man accused of that kind of activity ruled out the opportunity to parent in some cultures completely. So efforts to clean up the behavior, or efforts to do so, may have also been suspect even though they may not have been sexual in nature at all.

To determine what took place by using the daughter of a boy under suspicion is ridiculous because the behavior of a girl with a man will necessarily be much different than that of a boy who was clearly avoiding the attention by various means. And to place the boy with a woman who suffers from diseases resulting from the behavior of gay men is cruel.

What's become clear, is that it was neither the woman's intention to do so, nor the adult boy's desire to work with the problem, but the world's return to a boundary we've learned to keep. While it may not look like a more perfect union, the intention was there. She, from an Asian culture and the adult boy from a white culture were a natural adaptation to the black alpha male in the United States seeking equality by way of our constitutional law.

marshmallow at 10 mile lake

While I've briefly covered the adult boy's need to clean up this problem, it's been more clearly defined on the page Articles. And despite the need to form a more perfect union, what seems to be taught by involvement with the woman who has the competitive advantage is that the results are still up to God. Even with our new technology networked to predict the consequences of our rivals at play, we do not have the speed or power to anticipate how life will adapt to the new circumstances.

To relegate the judgment to men, who would change the sex of a girl to find out how a more complete genetic complement might operate better. After all, what could be more daunting than male behavior with a complete complement of human genes. Men are constantly suffering with the Y chromosome and the disadvantage of missing information.

So all that's required is to provide the means for the adult boy to solve the problem by introducing him to a girl who seeks marriage from yet another culture. One that respects his effort and expresses her affection by showing how gentle the way of water might be with him. To complain about the consequences of the resulting problem is futile. There is no way out of entanglement with a minor; they have no power to create, so the adult boy proceeds by isolating with his work.

See, he is not defeated by the additional strength afforded with the hormones injected into his daughter. Rather, he seeks to outwit the complication by finding a new way. Yes, life has become weary and the world continues to be defiled by the poor decisions of those who choose to make poor decisions, but we cannot force them to face these facts by offending them with their own behavior.

Rather, we return to creation the way God made it and continue to develop the new way that is honored by the girl from the other culture to exert control over it because the judgment of our culture failed and the consequences of the decisions they made with our children are unavoidable.

We might aspire to the strengths of our rivals, whether they be of great physical size, or wealthy, but if the assets prove to be harmful to ourselves or our own, then of what use are they? Without the wisdom of the culture that has used them, our newfound powers could be turned against us. We all have the right to seek our own happiness, but we've got to prevent harmful behavior in order to achieve it.


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