Events during 2017 following Hate Crimes in 1998

Events Prior

1996: Having reported my concern about the consequences of surgical procedures like circumcision with healthcare professionals (including the mystery of finding scar tissue that looked like stitches in my Perineum), I realized that I may have lost my parental rights as a result of putting into question the need for mutilation. And, the fact that my daughter confessed to performing a similar feat suggests to me that they needed to know more about my methods of doing so.

Events Following

2017: I logged an entry about a person who may be following me to get help with a genetic disorder. He gained entrance to my apartment building through a staircase that served as an auxiliary entrance and showed up with a tool box to go to a room down the hall from my place. I logged the entry for that event and shortly later, the entry about the individual who's image needed changing in order to be identified was off by a month. And, when I found a new location, he rode the same bus I rode to my new place, and got off at my corner to expressed concern with the bus driver that he couldn't get in.

Upon Reflection

2020: Realizing that the person who followed me might be a Klinefelter's Case, or someone with Turner's Syndrome seems to suggest that the healthcare system has deemed me fit to address diseases that might result from methods of evaluation loosely referred to by the connotation of these names, such as the motion palpation of the glans after circumcision, when in fact a Proper name is not supposed to have any meaning at all. That they happen to be German, and English names shouldn't suggest that they pertain to the manipulation of human genitalia or twisting flesh in any form or fashion. It may even be proof of the fact that their enquiry into my own behavior resulted in the very children they hoped to avoid!

While struggled to make ends meet by calling out those who endanger us, good people were seeking life threatening strategies from me. The circumstances I encountered at large are covered at: Urban Survival, and resulted from efforts to support alternative and complementary medicine when confronted with efforts to seek relief that were deemed to be criminal. Alternative medicine and bodywork were not welcome in our buildings, and struggling with miscarriages and aborted children under these circumstances was crippling (I believe they were brought under the assumption that I had an Incubator).