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Screenshots of the original language is posted, but I was advised by my mother to speak in a general way about the circumstances that we lived with during my childhood and asked by the police to tone down my work. My entries have been pared down to those that serve as good examples of the kinds of problems that have been obscured by use of legelease in agreements that we need to understand in order to follow the guidelines.

Two terms that describe dangerous tactics used to avoid accountability when we grew up worthy of definition are: Equivocation and Ambiguity.

Memorable Events during the 1960s

1962: Visited Grandma while on vacation abroad, and got lost following a cat down the avenue.

1964: Sex conduct ends my parents' marriage. Strange dreams, ear aches and pressure I don't understand disturbs my sleep. Mother comforts me in the rocking chair.

1960's Stray cats are rounded up and brought to the University for experimentation involving the use of electrodes in their heads.

1960's My father's brother slides off a muddy road in the dark onto the edge of a cliff with us in the back. Dad got out and, after several tries, pushed us back onto the road.

1965: Mounting pressures become an indulgence. I bang my head on the walls, grimace at the dinner table, and grunt and groan on the floor in the bathroom hallway.

1966: I hit my best friend with a baseball bat while practicing a swing. I told his Mother right away, but didn't see him get back up.

1960s: My mother's brother, a girl across the street, and the pilot of the airplane that flew us back to our grandma's house from a stay with my father's brother all die violent deaths.

1967: One of my friends, Jimmy, asked me to hit Heather, our classmate while walking home one day. I really liked her, but my need to be part of the gang, or to be faithful to my good friend was also very important to me, so I poked her in the chest, which is what me and my brother's were learning to love at the time.

1968: My Step-Father requires kisses before going to bed by using his tongue and one lip to mock the impression of the 'animals' in Dinkytown where we went to school.

1968: While tingling each other's backs in the living room with friends, my Step-Dad joins in by tickling our necks. When I laughed, he choked me until I couldn't breathe anymore.

1968: Efforts to cope with new threats in the house result in an evaluation of the capacity to do harm, efforts to identify the source of the mounting pressures we faced, and strategy to contend with the old and new rivals.

1969: While digging out my Scoutmaster's basement, and working on the Farm, we're introduced to alcohol and tobacco. "Work like a man, drink like a man!" we were told, so I enjoyed my new privilege.

Articles describe the problem of leaving problems behind which does not always work. Similar circumstances continued to evolve, and even the names stayed the same.

For a narrative of events leading up to the Hate Crime Scene, with commentary and conclusions outside the scope of this example, please see: Investigations

Memorable Events during the 1970s

1970: Awarded for achieving First Class Scout with my Troupe at Hope Lutheran Church

1970: While shutting down after recess in the gymnasium, my friend Rusty squashed me between a rolled up floor mat and the wall it was rolled up against.

May 1973: Received an Award for participation in Spanish Club.

May 23, 1973: Received an Award for participation in 9th Grade Band

May 23, 1973: Received an Award for participation in the Smart Set Club.

1973: Met a friend north of my school and realized that his younger sister took a liking to me for reasons I wasn't quite sure of.

May 1974: Received a Certificate of Merit for the performance of a Snare Drum Solo.

1974: Required to provide a colonic to my brother before he went to bed. After greasing a plastic stopcock with petroleum jelly for the delivery of one pint of lukewarm water, I asked if he'd like to do it for himself and he said: "No, Mom always does it for me".

1975/76: While working on a pull-up bar for strength, my friend from Hay Lake and I decided to use the term 'Corn' as a code word for Marijuana.

1975/1976: Trauma resulting from loading sod onto a pallet leads to my first encounter with repetitive strain injury, so I learned to lift the sod with my wrist.

April 1976: Received Certificates of Merit for the performance of a Snare Drum Solo and Snare Drum Duet.

1976: Felt up by my boss while on the tractor where I loaded the sod.

1976: Noticed that my boss's daughter took a strong liking to me, but by this time, I realized that it had to have something to do with somebody else, not me.

1975-76: Someone forged my signature on my paycheck while I was working on the sod farm.

1976: Beaten-up by the side-kick of 'the boss', who told me not to be a spokesperson for the crew.

1977: Induced polyploidy by treating marijuana plants with colchicine during my first year of college (I also grew marijuana above the sand pit where we rode our motorcycles around, by the sod farm in Washington County).

Spring 1978: Went with a friend to get a job out West, though I thought we'd both get hired, he didn't, which is most likely due to my own assumptions and which cost him time and money for travel out there and back.

Summer 1978: Lost all my belongings when I left to spend a weekend with my family (the thief defecated in my hard hat and wiped with one of my socks).

Fall of 1978: Went to work down South for a while and witnessed my step mother peel the scab off my half brother's penis after his circumcision. He cried, but there was nothing I could do about it. I don't really know why I had to see that happen, but the shock of that encounter cast doubt in me for the whole industry of modern medicine.

1978: While working for a restaurant in the area, I was required to take a lie detector test (someone stole silverware from the facility).

1979: Drug and alcohol induced spiritual experience while fishing on a lake with a friend.

1979: Walked off the job at the Sod Farm after being required to spread feces from my old neighborhood onto the fields of Washington County.

Memorable Events during the 1980s

1980: Fell to my knees in a shower as I recalled a repressed memory while in treatment for alcoholism.

Fall 1981: Disciplined my brother while medicated on tranquilizers and drinking by striking him when he refused to go to bed by 10:30 PM (my mother's expectations weigh heavily on me).

1982: Met with my first true love to go to a party where my friends were having a pig roast and rented a motel room that became very special to me a few years later.

1982: Started experiencing new energy as a result of daily meditation and guidance from a good friend.

1983/84: Started working night shifts on the local freight docs.

1984: Went to Northwestern to study Complementary Medicine.

1984: Enjoyed a new sense of freedom while living on my own and returning to school.

1984: Returned to the motel room I visited with my first true love to spend the night with the sister of the woman who was to bear my firstborn child (in 1989). She was a twin to a brother that died and we enjoyed a kind of intimacy I'd never known before (my first child was aborted during 1982).

1986: Shortly after hosting a Christmas Party for my family, my girlfriend attempts suicide and I find myself on my knees on the floor of my apartment.

July 1989: My firstborn child is born in St. Paul, shortly after breaking water in Washburn Fair Oaks Green Space in Minneapolis.

Memorable Events during the 1990s

1990: Fraudulent claims about conflicts at home, such as an accusation that I stole my grandmother's checks, result in hospitalization and the removal of my parental rights.

1991: Robert Coffman, Staten Island, New York Psychiatric Aids HIV +/PWA Recipients Mental Health Recipients "At Risk".

10-3-1991: Matt Little Moon and his wife Gloria claim they were grievously assaulted in a support center after filing a complaint: Little Moon Activism.

1992: Moved to another State to attend Cal Berkely and modified my plan when I found an opportunity to study multimedia computing for the launch of the world wide web.

1993: From Turners Publications book "The Native Americans - an Illustrated History" Atlanta GA, 1993 A story about two chiefs Sitting Bull, Lakota Sioux, and Chief Joseph, Nex Perce, both very interesting figures, Handsom Lake, Seneca Iroquois

1993: Met someone in a coffee shop who said she was going to experiment on Autistic Children by using vibrators for therapy.

1994: Sued for child support by the Mother of my second Daughter by Long-arm petition while trying to become self supporting.

1996: Zappalorti Society (GBLT Survivors) holding bi-monthly meetings. Minutes Page 1 Minutes Page 2

1996: Organized in an effort to close a hospital by ending county based referrals. (Staff was accused of causing the deaths of three patients due to the use of improper restraints).

1996: Recruited to work as an advocate for vulnerable adults in the health care system.

5-24-96: Composed an agenda and kept the minutes for the Media Development Group.

9-12-1996: September 12th 1996 Dual Diagnosis Task Force September Minutes Page 1 September Minutes Page 2 October Agenda

9-14-96: BACR Meeting Agenda Minutes Page 1 Minutes Page 2

9-25-96: As a part of an initiative to stop the abuse and death of persons restrained under your care, we asked the Marin County Board to discontinue funding and end referrals to one East Bay Hospital. Letter to the Marin County Advisory Board

10-12-96: BACR Meeting Minutes Page 1 Minutes Page 2 Minutes Page 3 Minutes Page 4 Minutes Page 5

10-19-96: BACR Meeting Minutes Page 1 Minutes Page 2

11-9-96: BACR Meeting Minutes Page 1 Minutes Page 2 Minutes Page 3 Minutes Page 4 Minutes Page 5 Minutes Page 6

12-13-96: Composed an agenda and kept the minutes for the Media Development Group.

1-11-97: BACR Meeting Minutes Page 1 Minutes Page 2 Minutes Page 3 Minutes Page 4 Minutes Page 5

1-17-97: Composed an agenda and kept the minutes for the Media Development Group.

2-7-97: Composed an agenda and kept the minutes for the Media Development Group.

3-7-97: Composed an agenda and kept the minutes for the Media Development Group.

3-8-97: BACR Meeting Minutes Page 1 Minutes Page 2 Minutes Page 3 Minutes Page 4 Minutes Page 5 Minutes Page 6

3-14-97: BACR Meeting Minutes Page 1 Minutes Page 2

3-29-97: Composed an agenda and kept the minutes for the Media Development Group.

4-14-97: Was informed of an appeal (page 1, page 2) against New Leaf Clinic about smoking at the clinic entrance for more than one year.

4-19-97: Composed a Mission Statement draft and kept the minutes for the Media Development Group.

4-30-97: Composed a timeline for the completion of the Cal Net Gazette by the Media Development Group.

May 1997: Granted a conditional release after being convicted of reckless driving (for driving on a flat).

5-10-97: Dave writes an Open Letter to acknowledge the board and support changes to the bylaws.

Bylaws Page 1, Bylaws Page 2, Bylaws Page 3, Bylaws Page 4, Bylaws Page 5, Bylaws Page 6, Bylaws Page 7, Bylaws Page 8, Bylaws Page 9, Bylaws Page 10

4-30-97: Composed a timeline for the completion of the Cal Net Gazette by the Media Development Group.

5-8-97: Provided a list of suggestions for the Cal Net Gazette to field submissions for the publication.

5-15-97: Finished the composition of the Mission Statement for the Media Development Group.

6-21-97: Composed an agenda and kept the minutes for the Media Development Group.

6-21-97: On Cold Ground tabled; On Cold Ground Proposal, On Cold Ground Page 2, On Cold Ground Page 3, On Cold Ground Budget

6-21-97: Awarded with an Appreciation of Services for the Bay Area Network.

9-27-97: MHONA International holds a vigil for Infants, Toddlers, Children, Teens, Young Adults, Adults, Elderly Vets and all those disabled: MHONA International Vigil (flyer)

3-14-1998: BACR Meeting Minutes Page 1 Minutes Page 2

4-11-1998: BACR Meeting Minutes Page 1 Minutes Page 2

October 1998: Encountered a Hate Crime Scene while traveling to ask about a confession made by my daughter because I couldn't get anything done by telephone.

History following the Hate Crime Scene Encounter

  • Fall 1998: Tried to reach my daughter's family with and without agency support out of concern for her safety.
  • Drugged, restrained and committed by the County Hospital while bringing my daughter's allegations to bear - allegations about someone she thought to be her father; charges she brought while I was living in another State. Though I've never met her, I made sincere efforts to be helpful to her by these means.
  • November - December 1998: Reported anything that might have led to murder, retaliation or abuse - County by County - as accurately as my memory could provide, including:
  1. My work on Patients Rights as a Healthcare Advocate during the 1990's.
  2. Reports I provided to the Mental Health System at home during the 80's and 90's before I went to live in another State.
  3. Reports I made to members of the Church, and Mentors including members of Anonymous Fellowships during the 80's and 90's.
  4. Other features of my history, including work that might have been perceived as threatening, such as my activism, and/or participation in civil disobedience.
  5. November 1998: Smashed my fender on a boulder in the ditch while driving around a gate in Washington County after reminiscing about the area (someone locked the gate to a gravel pit while I was inside).
  6. November 20, 1998: Assaulted by someone asking where I was going downtown because I wouldn't say.

1999: Child Support Withholding

1999: Report made to Child Protection

Events during the 2000s

December 2000: Held in a cell without ventilation for three days resulted in a hospitalization where I was restrained for trying to smoke cigarette butts I'd gathered from the ash trays of nice buildings downtown. Several orderlies tackled me and one put his knee on my neck. They then pulled my pants down to inject me with a sedative and put me into restraints.

2001: Placed in an apartment above the boiler room in the building and next to the laundry room where 10 - 12 dryers were placed on the other side of the wall. The temperature with the heat off in the winter was over 100°F, but I was not allowed to open the window or run the air conditioner to cool it off.

July 2001: Formed the Corporation IMID Incorporated with a 10,0000 dollar inheritance from the resale of my grandmother's house (my father's mother) when she was placed in a long term care facility.

7-13-2001: Filed for an EIN with the Secretary of State.

7-25-2001: Filed Articles of Incorporation, but chose to form an S-Corp, which doesn't require an EIN.

August 2001

8-07-2001: Issued the Certificate of Incorporation on the 7th of October 2001

August 2004: Raped at gunpoint by someone who asked me for help.

September 2004: Reported being raped and reported that a childhood examination of circumcision may have motivated the crime.

Summer 2006: Had a radical spiritual experience while meeting with a sponsor to get help with my inability to stop drinking.

2007-2009: Employed as a swim instructor to teach water safety to children at three different locations. An incident in 2009 required me to report the name of a boy in my swim class and write a report to child protection. I added a letter for a legal file voicing my objection to the use of names under these circumstances due to the shame based complications that make matters worse.

January 2007: Left for a visit to England and stayed two months.

July 2008: Lost a full time job delivering auto parts while dealing with the first of several Malware attacks on my websites.

2009: Honored by Strathmore's Who's Who for leadership and achievement in my profession.

November 2009: As a gift, my brother flies me to his place to get his car and drive it to my place for my use. During the night on the way home I encountered a field of radio towers with flashing strobe lights, and the thought crossed my mind: "Get me out of here (I was struggling in a relationship with a partner back home)". Almost simultaneously, I am catapulted into a fourth dimension of space. The space I'm occupying becomes grainy, and I hear the sound of rushing water, or static from a distant place. The view through my window closes fast to the horizon, and the burden of my weight drops into infinitude. (I happened to be reading The Power of Now at the time, which my mother gave me. Starting with the hypnotic motion of travelers in the airport while waiting for my fight to Tennesee and continuing on my trip back home in the car my brother gave me.)

Memorable events during the 2010s

October 2, 2010: I deposit a check made out to me at my neighborhood bank and the transaction results in accusations of fraud and forgery during processing.

Summer 2010: My brother surprises me by giving me a Motorcycle for my birthday, but not on my birthday.

Summer 2010: Had another spiritual experience while meditating much like the experiences I had during the 1990's while taking the suggestions of a significant other, which was to meditate.

September 2010: A woman who objected to my use of a motorcycle and was not allowed to live in my home became litigious when I asked her to leave.

September 2010: Invited to have a birthday dinner at another brother's house, I arrived to find my brother with a cousin and his handgun in the kitchen. After dinner I went out to find a nail in the rear tire of my bike, so I left to drive home carefully.

August 2011: My car and motorcycle (both gifts from my brother) are trashed and ticketed on the streets. The garage I used is blocked off by 4 or 5 minivans at all times, and the next door neighbor complains about driving in his yard while trying to access the parking spot I had arranged. The minivans windows get smashed, setting me up, and I park on the street. A condom is tied to the handlebars, tail lights broken off, headlamp cracked etc. I cover my bike and the police ticket me for covering my license plate.

October 28th 2011: My life is threatened by a client who asked me to build a website for him and his organization shortly after asking for payment.

October 2011: A security expert from an International Bank takes the time to improve my Internet security skills and trains me to use a handgun.

November 2011: Neurologists probe my anus and drag broken wooden sticks across my skin to deny that my HGH results require treatment, resulting in clinical trials of my own.

November 2011: (roughly 6 days after the October 28th entry) After moving out of my old residence in order to secure a safer place for my vehicles and myself, a close friend and mentor dies unexpectedly. He was in the room when my life was threatened a week before.

November 2011: My bird dies while waiting for me to return with food from yet another attempt to help someone in trouble, and my grief motivates me to write everything out. Over 10 people have died in my close circle while trying to be helpful, and I no longer trust myself enough to continue without closer scrutiny.

November 2011: A friend from a group I belong to asks me to have a birthday party for her daughter that very day. Though I was not prepared to do so (I had very little to offer on short notice), I agreed, and during the party she mentioned that she 'slept with me' in a room 'over there'. Despite many years of sober reflection on her belief, I realize that I may have used too much Nutmeg in the preparation of my holiday food, though I have great respect for the strength of her conviction and the faith of her community.

November 27, 2011: Shortly after a call and visit to the Fraud unit downtown, I received a letter to inform me of the fact that my case did not meet their threshold for investigative assignment.

December - Present: Intentional disruptive and harassing noise disturbs my peace at home night and day.

The neighbor upstairs has guests who are not on the lease staying there, drug use is visible, and she claims her Developmentally Disabled son is causing the noise.

My neighbor across the hall complains of the same circumstances by referring to 'someone upstairs' who was intentionally trying to get Section 8 Tenants out of the building.

February 23rd 2012: Amended and renewed the articles of my domestic corporation with a new name (IMID Limited) and added an LLC to the S Corp, which reinforces the entity under Minnesota Statutes, Chapter: 322B

March 2012: A person parks his car across my lane forcing me to lay my Harley down.

Fall 2012: Accused of being a con, I'm swamped by bad debt and a failing business.

2012: After responding to interrogatories and pleading my case at a local Court, I secured the cost of repair for my motorcycle: Findings of Fact 1, Findings of Fact 2, Findings of Fact 3, Findings of Fact 4, Entry of Judgment.

Fall 2012: Accused of being a con, I'm swamped by bad debt and a failing business.

Winter 2013: I return the gun the security specialist provided due to frustration with my circumstances and return to my writing.

January 2013: Unable to secure health care due to harassment and obstructions, I refuse to continue seeking services.

Spring 2013: I am asked to leave my apartment right after I obtain the check for damages, sabotaging my opportunity to use the money wisely.

May 2013: Just after moving into my new home, a second serious set of Malware attacks brings my business to a complete stop.

June 2013: While trying to repair the damage to my sites and my business, my power gets cut off, leaving me without internet access and inadequate ventilation. When the power is reconnected, my internet service is disrupted despite the service connection I paid for, and I am forced to work in coffee shops.

June 2013: While trying to manage the crisis and develop two new sites for two new clients, I am trespassed from the coffee shop where I went to get internet access and lose access to half of my building, including the loading docks I need to move my belongings in and out.

December 2013 - Present: Smoke from the use of drugs in an apartment upstairs vents into my bathroom. I called the police, notified the landlord, and talked to the neighbors myself, but the people involved were not legitimate tenants, and the violations continued.

April 2014: After spending roughly a year writing a mission to deal with anger and frustration in our community, establishing a place for the project fails because the Church can't allow our clients on church property without an escort.

June 2014: Accused of failing to pay the rent, Property Managers threaten me with eviction if I don't pay roughly two months rent past due within three days (rent that had already been paid).

October 2014: Drug use in my apartment building results in conflicts with neighbors and building management. Because they can't admit its occurring without doing something about the problem, over a years worth of reporting falls on deaf ears. With winter approaching, there is nowhere to retreat from the toxic air, and toxic people, but I was given permission to keep the windows open and the heat off.

November 2014: In order to attempt to keep the peace, I went to work on reroutes for acceptable use of questionable practices as granted by the Complementary Health Care Act, which defines the guidelines for the practice of Massage, Bodywork and/or Alternative Medicine.

12-10-14: A soldier publishes the username and password of my bank account on a Social Networking business page.

2-9-15: My friend and physics professor died.

Early May 2015: Left my apartment and camped in a community garden on 5th Avenue. Soaked my phone which took months to rebuild.

Late May 2015: Unable to continue sleeping in my lean-to because RVs are ramming it at night.

Early June: Went to the East to look for a new place to live.

June: Received an award while homeless and unable to defend myself from harassment for the second time.

July 2015: A woman asked for change, and gave it to an intoxicated guy in the back of the bus. I complained about the event and got off the bus. A guy got off the bus with me and reached for a gun to silence my complaint.

Late July 2015: Lost wallet; Shortly later: While waiting at the train station, and establishing an internet connection by tethering it to my phone, a guy with a crew of three asks me if the credit cards he has are mine, but when I got up to check, I left my iPad behind.

July 2015: Gunfire at my campsite becomes persistent and threatening and long range trajectories from rifles disturbed me, so I moved to a cliff by my friend's old apartment.

Friday 7/17/15: A guy gets out of a brand new Titan van (no license plate) with a breaker bar and approaches me as I approach a bus stop. He leaves as I continue to approach.

Saturday, 7/18/15: A guy pulled out a knife as he walked by saying: "You should have bought a soda or something" after I stopped at a coffee shop and left without buying anything because there was no one at the counter.

Early August 2015: Lost my backup drive and my bluetooth headset, but found my headset in my locker later after checking to be sure it wasn't there.

8/3/15: Noticed my receipts and documentation for new equipment were missing from my storage locker.

8/5/15: Got locked out of my post office box. Talked to the manager who gave me a new key, saying it was the only one left (it did not match mine), and found a bill in the box which said I didn't need to make a payment until 9-30-15. Also found another address listed on my account that I don't have while investigating the situation.

September 2015: After repeatedly trying to gain access to my ISP's business account, a Business Account Representative told me my account doesn't exist.

9-12-15: Shocked with 110 V running through my keyboard and workstation in my new office. Paid $250.00 to replace the case and use a new power supply.

10-5-15: Received notification (page 1, page 2) that T-Mobile USA, Inc. discovered credit checks performed by Experian on their behalf were downloaded by an unauthorized party.

10-15-15: An electrical fire fried my battery backup power supply on extension cords. Had to replace my surge protectors and cords to replace the battery backup. (The resulting failed outlets had not been repaired since I was shocked at my keyboard, so I only had one functioning outlet to use in my $450 room.)

11-5-15: Almost all of my reserves from another Country were required to pay my past due storage locker bill. I used the rest to replace my fried electronics with a more durable solution and the resulting low balance required me to close an account I've tended carefully since 2007.

11-26-15: Filed the third request to terminate my Health Care Insurance payment. My income has been compromised by the premium, and making efforts to obtain health insurance required three copies of everything I needed to provide, and several visits to accomplish. Because I suspected them of Fraud, I refused to continue to do so.

Feb 19th: had a fight in a local shelter. Recorded the event with my phone.

3-5-16: Found psych-meds in my room at a hotel. (I guess that was some kind of suggestion).

3-10-16: Took photos of blackmail / extortion attempts etc., incidents I described in a Civil Suit that was called frivolous, and written off in 2000.

3-13-16: Cleaned up my camp, the warm weather melted enough snow to dig out and rebuild my tent and camo shelter. Found duct tape, several pairs of used rubber gloves, a dirty condom and a used needle along with all the usual trash - not a reassuring sign. I didn't see any of that stuff there before.

3-23-16: Heard 3 murder confessions in the last 3-4 days, and a proposition from someone yesterday. Some of the folks in shelters are working themselves up all day.

4-23-16: Accused of Racism, I was hit from behind while walking away from the accusers. Woke up on the ground face down. Walked to an Emergency Room, and have been trying to recover my vision and motor coordination since then.

9-27-16: Filed a claim with the Board of Reparations to pay for the health care services and recover losses to my business.

10-3-2016: A guy at my grocery store needing help called me out. I don't know who the person is, or why he was pleading for relief, but he is not the person who stalked me to my new apartment.

10-4-16: Told to keep my mouth shut by a person on the Avenue.

10-8-16: Formed the The Trusteeship (IMID) Revocable Living Trust.

10-7-16: Reported the incidents to the Police.

10-8-16: Reported the incidents to a Rape and Crisis Hotline.

11-3-16: Someone changed the date of the incident logged 10-3-16 and entered it in this log as occurring on the third of November 2016.

11-12-16: Shared the incidents, the reports, and my updates online with DPS.

11-23-16: Hit up for money at my public transit station by a couple talking about lewd behavior.

12-22-16: A neighbor's complaint about noise, and what they think is marijuana prevents me from smudging (cedar and sage) my new home. I carpeted my floor with scraps from the local building project to try to minimize the noise in my apartment for the tenant below who complained.

12-28-16: What seems like automobile exhaust venting from my air ducts, and a high amount of traffic in my hallway leads to what sounds like intentional use of the door latches to mimic rifle or gun actions as a form of harassment.

12-30-16: Neighbor knocks on my door loudly late at night. I go out to check what has happened after I get dressed. Another neighbor is playing loud music and smoking dope downstairs.

2017 Incidents

An entry from 2017 was deleted from this record, but I emailed a report to management so I will not provide it again.

An entry recorded for an incident during 2016 was changed from 10-3-2016, to 11-3-2016, but not by me.

3-7-17: My neighbor's mail is in my mailbox.

3-15-17: Someone by my name has a profile photo on a social network of himself carrying a baseball bat wrapped with nylon cord as if he were preparing to take violent action (I unintentionally hit my next door neighbor with a souvenir baseball bat when I was 7 or 8 because I didn't look carefully enough before practicing my swing).

4-8-17: Told to get a job by a passer by as I'm walking to a meeting. A few minutes later referred to as someone who goes to meetings to get money.

4-9-17: A cyclist passes by and says: Okay (insert name here), humiliate him (meaning me)."

5-13-17: Harassed about yet another death in our community for the 6th or 7th time by the same person.

5-20-17: Someone carved holes in my shoes while I was out (already aware of these kinds of trespasses, I keep most of my valuables locked up).

6-3-17: An automatic deduction from my bank account to pay for health care insurance I can't use due to whistleblower status robs me of my rent money.

6-15-17: Called a crisis hotline about stalking in my home. Two guys on a train were dancing and displaying themselves in front of me the next day.

6-24-17: Three guys outside my door talking about anal sex blocked my entry after taking out the trash. As I waited out of sight, I heard one of them talk about trying my door.

7-11-17: Found a cardboard box propping open the security door on my floor.

8-7-17: Found a carpet nail in my bicycle tire after attending a meeting at my local church.

8-8-17: Talked to the Public Safety officer at the same church.

8-25-17: Threatened by an old friend of mine who said a whole bunch of us think you're crazy. (He was in a mental health drop in center when he said so.)

8-28-17: Bit by a dog on the way to see my wife. The owner of the dog used the word 'Superman' as I rode past, and the dog bit the back of my leg pretty badly.

8-28-17: Someone parked a trailer in the parking lot of my building, and I told him he couldn't park there. He said he had furniture for his daughter, and that he was going to sit there until his daughter came out.

9-3-17: Someone stole my bike while I was in a meeting at my local church. I called the police and made out a police report.

9-24-17: Marijuana is filtering into my apartment several times a week. I write to people following my circumstances to ask what to do about the situation.

11-5-17: Telephoned by campaign supporters 4 times in the past week asking me to vote in the Church building I was asked not to return to.

12-1-17: Someone on Hennepin lost all her papers and personal items, but I found a note that indicated where she was so brought the items to her shelter.

12-7-17: Harassment leads to a violent attack, and claims of fraud motivate a legal defense by one of the leaders in our community.

12-21-17: Helped a friend deal with Harassment on the avenue.

12-31-17: Renewed the registration of my business with an inactive status, due to its liquidation and the transfer of it's assets to my trust, after moving into the Cameron.

1-2-2018: Videotaped a deposition of my photos, videos, audio recordings, paper records, negatives, and digital media.

2-21-18: Filed a complaint with the IC3 regarding a failure to access one of my accounts.

2-12-18: Called Crime Prevention regarding an anonymous child who has not been protected, or defended by the City, County or State so far as I know.

3-7-18: Wrote a Genetic Engineer with an update and was encouraged to hear of her need for import/export opportunities for her medicines.

3:10-18: Got hacked out of my Admin Account while configuring my firewall.

3-16-18: Found a dozen or more broken links on my site.

6-17-18: Found a wallet on the street next to my home, and returned it to the owner in a building down the street.

6-20-18: Deposited a check sent by a courier service to establish a Fund for the Missions. The following day, a representative from the bank's Fraud Department called the check fraudulent.

7-11-18: Called my network hosting company to inquire about unanswered, and/or missing mail, and compromises to my mail server and was cut off by an automated survey.

8-6-18: Locked up my equipment with new locks and chains. Updated my log with essential information. Worked on a prayer to be rid of harmful intentions and wrong use of names, and labels.

8-7-18: Backed up my Server for the safety deposit box (my operating system is too old for support).

8-19-18: Offended by my friend for what, I don't know, but I was bringing my cot and spare food down to the tent city, so I just let her know I'm doing all I can.

The last week of September: My Pastor asks me not to return to his Church.

11-5-18: Made arrangements to meet with a counselor online, and was disrupted by a client not normally demanding of my time as I tried to meet with her, and while making arrangements to meet with her.

Thanksgiving Day Eve 2018: Someone locked me out of my Server as I was updating the IP.

11-18-18: Background sounds of a male and the wail of a child punctuated by staccato strikes upon boards or wood.

12-28-18: Door latch sounds seem intentional. Getting calls from difficult people.

12-29-18: A friend of mine showed up at the train station to complain about my Step-dad.

1-1-19: A guy in the line at my bank starts talking about damage to the inside of a door while I'm waiting to get my rent check drafted.

1-5-19: Found my firewall hacked.

1-7-19: Reported violations to my home to Crime Prevention.

1-12-19: Added an event to clarify one of the possible reasons for being offended when I left for a weekend in Wyoming, and new directories to my timeline to keep photos of what I publish as backup.

1-15-2019: Finally given a chance to log on to my account with my own email address at my ISP after 2 years of wobbly internet access. While I've had severe challenges during that time, running my local server without a conventional handshake might've had something to do with it.

1-20-19: Found a new charge in my inbox asking me to pay a late payment charge with a threat saying they won't accept my payment next month without paying the current late payment charge immediately.

1-21-19: Harassed by another unidentified caller after being woken at 1:09 by banging on the boards of my building (I have a log of over 30 calls from people I cannot call back).

1-23-19: Childs wailing becomes so loud it wakes me up. I've tried turning off fans, even shutting off the circuit breakers but no luck. Seems to be coming from the freeway outside and is punctuated by banging on boards.

1-27-19: The sound of tapping on my pillow next to my head wakes me up at 3:30 pm.

2-1-2019: Someone at the bank started describing damage to a door similar to mine. I shared my concern about a young black girl (10 - 12 years old) in our building with white guy of slight build and the large number of really big guys who showed up in the building shortly later.

2-4-2019: Shortly re-establishing my gym membership, was told to leave by someone unhappy to see me. After leaving I was harassed by people following me to my grocery store.

2-5-2019: Found my firewall password changed when checking my network settings.

2-6-2019: Took a complaint from a woman concerned about a stalker pursuing her at a local shelter and the public library. I shared this log with her as an example of what to expect.

2-10-19: Found my work compromised by a hack.

2-13-19: My friend's telephone number is answered by someone claiming: "This is a child's line!" I called my phone company's Tech Support line and got a telephone dating service instead.

2-15-19: Sounds of a turbine whirling up in my room close to the window seem to be masking the sound of the child getting so loud it wakes me up several times during the night. Used my phone to capture the audio.

2-15-19: Sounds like a turbine, spinning up to higher and louder pitches at various times in the night.

2-16-19: 7:20 am: Couldn't avoid hearing audible interrogations in my room.

2-18-19: Called my sponsor and friends to get help with the problems I'm dealing with in my home.

2-19-19: Wrote crime prevention about my efforts to deal with these offenses, and the circumstances I live with as a result. I also indicated that I will not be as effective at helping other vulnerable people because of continued coordinated efforts to offend me.

2-22-19: Was required to report an injury resulting from a crime in order to obtain my health insurance. Made a verbal complaint because the reports have resulted in stalking at my place of residence, my grocery store, and the bank.

2-22-19: Heard someone running and an assault or tackle in the hallway outside my door at 8:10 pm that went on until 8:20 or so.

2-21-19: Found the lock on my strongbox opened and my modem (and firewall) reset.

3-22-19: File change of address forms for myself and my living trust to specify the type of trust I'm filing, the addresses I moved to and from and the election of the 60/40 split that I had arranged

Winter-Spring 2019: Got locked out of a Social Networking account where I provided evidence of my daughter with someone on a Harley in a group I used to determine if making reports anonymously would be better than publishing them by use of references. Also lost the email accounts associated with the Social Networking Accounts.

4-5-19: Someone stole my iPad at a soup kitchen. I asked Church representatives if they would report the crime, and they said that they would have to talk to the cleaning man, who found my bag in the trash.

6-5-19: Someone I had an altercation with in 1999/2000, who showed up in my building during 2017, rode on the bus and got off at my stop complaining about the fact that he wasn't allowed to go to my building anymore. Also, the record of his visit at that time was removed from this log, but not by me.

6-13-19: Followed by a man with a conspicuous rainbow flag keychain at a light rail station.

8-3-19: Heard death threats below me in my building. Spoke to the City Attorney and the Homicide Department downtown the following day.

8-4-19: A buddy of mine gives me a VIP pass to the BMX Show at the new stadium and we eat like lords all afternoon in air conditioned comfort.

8-10-19: Ordered new disc copies of my operating system and server and found that at least one didn't work.

8-19-19: Found a Hi 8 Camcorder, two file cabinets, an ergonomic keyboard, and analog tape recorders in the recycling bin at the University and brought them home. Finally able to file all of my paperwork with ease.

9-2-19: Found an urgent warning in my email about a failed payment I called to confirm on the first. A recording at my bank claimed I had sufficient funds in the account, but the bill (required to keep my business operational) was not paid.

9-3-19: Wrote a letter to management about an open garage door in the building on the first and perhaps the second day of the month, and a visitor drinking in the lobby who was not on the lease. I suggested getting additional cameras for my apartment but my request for a new block of IPs was ignored by my Internet Service Provider (or perhaps hijacked).

9-5-2019: Accused of groping my brother by a young man on the avenue on my way to a dental appointment.

9-6-2019: A couple complaining about a wasp at a coffee shop closed in on my table, crowded my chair and drove the wasp into my clothing. It took well over an hour for the wasp to crawl out.

9-9-19: An old client asks for a new website.

9-11-19: My air conditioning unit stops working, and maintenance shows up to work on the unit for the next several days.

9-14-19: Found a source for web development has been hacked, and I can't gain access to my old materials.

9-19-19: Returned missing entries from the 1960's back into the log and added a few relevant incidents without exact dates.

9-21-19: Loose references to the name and possible activities of my old swimming student show up on other social networks.

10-9-19: Flash drive missing from my apartment. The very next day, my bag with all my important papers went missing sometime after 10:45 AM when I brought my laundry downstairs (I keep my doors locked at all times, so I asked management to change the locks).

11-1-19: Placed all my old drives and media into a safety deposit box along with a few other essential backups (important papers and security items).

11-8-19 (10:00 AM): Heard loud stumbling in a room down the hall on my way to the bank. I forgot my bag (I replaced the old bag with my important papers with a new one), and as soon as I turned around to go back and get it, someone fell to the floor in the room I was approaching.

11-13-19: Archives and CSS for my bot tags gone missing on my local server.

11-21-19: Got a new modem from my ISP (when my bag was taken, the MAC ID and other identifying network features were in the paperwork they stole).

11-22-19: I woke up to someone yelling downstairs saying "This is not your place, you can't stay in this room." Similar claims have been made while I was walking down the street, and they've used my name.

11-25-19: Found a crusty Static Guard sheet in my bed, and someone else's underwear in my clothes bin.

11-28-19: Tried to go to a meeting but someone called me a cut-up on the bus, and I returned to find my entryway light on in my apartment and the mixer I use for preparing tea missing.

12-2-19: Came home after double checking the operating system disks I ordered with a repair service to find my door open. No one was in my place when I arrived, but my DVD Drive wasn't functioning well and that may have been part of my problem. However, after replacing the DVD drive, I found that only one of the installation disks worked properly.

12-3-19: Went to the Dentist, and came home to find my door open, my laundry basket busted up with blood on the handles.

12-4-19: Spoke to the City Attorney, a Police Officer and some of my Spiritual Leaders about the circumstances and put the evidence into a safe place.

12-6-19: Reviewed my materials to scan for anything that might have motivated the behavior such as my report about the Hate Crime Scene I encountered in 1998.

12-30-19: Found an entry I logged about false allegations, hacked with the intention to create conflict as I work to make amends in my old neighborhood.

Memorable Events during the 2020s

1-29-20: Started writing out my log on paper to keep reliable records of my communications, work and activities (as well as incidents).

2-3-20: After calling my ISP to reset my password, I'm still locked out of my account (password resets accomplished by my browser did not work, though the browser claimed my password was reset).

2-7-20: Found missing property in my trunk. I thought the lock was secure, now I know it is not.

2-8-2020: Found corruptions in the text log I keep on my phone as well as html files I keep on my desktop. Fraudulent claims made in the copy on my phone include:

  • A claim that I requested a couch from our caretaker to influence reporting at my building.
  • The term groping a brother used in a report about an accusation made on the street was changed to 'clinging to - or holding onto a brother'.
  • An entry about getting locked out of my accounts was replaced by a broken sentence, or word salad.

Corruptions on my desktop:

  • 3-5-20: Sent a letter to some of my friends, which I revised and published on the 9th for clarity (one of my friends complained about confusing language).
  • 3-10-20: Copy from Open Letter was hacked by the insertion of content from another article I wrote, called Poetry, or Inspiration.
  • 3-26-20: Found my new logos missing from one of the sites on my workstation.

4-5-20: While proudly trying out my new brown shoes, I realized that the soul of the left shoe had been torn away from the upper, causing me to trip while walking back from the apothecary.

5-19-20: Found that sample advertisements edited 4-21-20 to use a new domain on the local copy were reverted to use the old domain.

6-2-20: Someone at the grocery store used my name to call me a liar, whereupon I mentioned that a Journalist in Iran may be facing the death penalty for telling the truth.

6-12-20: Found an email address that I don't have listed in the information box of my YouTube video How to Keep a Log (Because it's intended for children and vulnerable adults, I filed a complaint at the National Hotline for Missing and Exploited Children).

Sometime during the month of June, my security camera was disabled. I can no longer log onto my camera's IP.

6-28-20: Got hacked while writing a letter to my friend (the top of the letter - which was off screen - was corrupted while I was finishing the bottom).

6-29-20: Was finally able to reset the password to my Gateway Business Account reliably with a rebuilt PC from the University.

7-2-20: A letter to the Police, the FBI, and three other representatives from Germany, Japan, and Korea who seem to have sincerely responded to problems I report in this log were corrupted in transit, or by use of a paste command (duplicates were corrupted).

7-6-20: On a hot day, while walking to get supplies, I stopped to get a soda at a laundromat, and the machine took my money, but did not provide a soda.

8-28-20: Found plugs corrupted in my sockets prompting me to buy yet another battery backup to prevent damages resulting from surges in my power supply.

8-30-20: Toxic fumes in my apartment inspired me to build a better air filter, and try out new air filtration strategies.

10-19-20 to 10-21-20: Returned home to find my clothing torn and slime on my bathroom floor.

11-3-20: My glasses went missing while walking into my building with my neighbor when someone who I didn't know followed us in. And, I found a piece of rope I use to border my bed cut off and under the bed on the floor.

11-25-20: I received a letter from the University of Minnesota Physicians saying a breach of security affected the confidentiality of my personal information. Breach of Security (page 1, page 2)

12-18-20: Head tag and metatags missing from some of my web pages.

12-23-20: Shower curtain liner covered in black mold.

1-24-20: Food tossed near the end of my hallway seems to indicate some kind of struggle though I didn't see or hear any disturbances at that time, but I notified our new resident manager of the problem.

2-17-20: New builds are holding up, but javascript and font support needs updating.

Memorable Events during 2021

2-18-21: The only database I keep was removed from my desktop without an internet connection but I was able to capture an image of unusual traffic detected when I did get back online (uploaded a screenshot).

2-19-21: The temperature in my apartment is not always regulated by the thermostat and the thermostat readings are not always accurate.

2-22-21: Found a prompt at PayPal asking me to confirm my account with a UK number which may have been mine at one time, but for which I have no record today (uploaded a screenshot).

3-17-21: Desktop sites getting corrupted on my Mac

4-2-21: Efforts to make Easter donations to various churches I've been following result in huge overdrafts at my new bank.

4-9-21: Ongoing bank charges require further deposits, and I find myself being followed to the bank, and attached by others when approaching banks and bank tellers.

4-25-21: Greeted at a DIY parts depot by someone who walked in front of me claiming he was an Outdoor Air Conditioning Representative.

5-1-21: Found my own composition online characterizing me as a respondent to a representative I do not know, or have any communications with.

Memorable Events during 2022

January 17th: Unusual traffic detected on my browser.

March 7th: Let my banker know that I removed all third party attachments to my Checking Account in an effort to control collateral damage that has continued since the publication of my bank account Username and Password on a Social Network Business Page in 2014.

March Details

April 4th: Was determined to be a bad candidate for the Grad Prosthodontics Department after a prior intervention to remove cancer from my mouth.

May 12th: At about 10:55 my neighbor texted to let me know that there had been a fire in the hall. I took a look the next day and realized we had a very close call. The smells are familiar, and come with bitter memories of the damage to the Medical Arts Building downtown.

April Details

May 17th: Went to get my tetanus booster on the 12th after having difficulty with scheduling and walked home to find my security system unarmed. By the 17th, my left leg showed signs of serious compromises. I was bit on this leg by a pit bull during 2017 (8-28-17) while trying to visit my wife and left untreated.

July 8th: Returned to my log to add the receipt of a 10,000 dollar gift from my father's mother for the resale of her house in 2001, and an 8,000 dollar award that kept me alive after my Harley was obstructed on local streets.

Memorable Events during 2023

January 2023

1-17 to 1-18-23: Sound and vibrations continue to be a problem in my apartment.

1-19-23: Signed the Specimen Certificate of Interactive Multimedia Information Dissemination, Inc. as President.

February 2023

2-22-23: Recorded the transfer of Issue No. 1 to obtain a correction of the lot number to reflect the number stated on the Articles of Incorporation.

2-21-23: Dated the return of the lot of 100 for the lot of 1000.

2-2-23: Public confrontation of children and escorts, used to force compliance with rules at a venue and company policy, lead to the use of deadly force.

Possible Motivations:

  • Discussions about Jimmy, or my brother that resulted in assumptions about me and paranoid delusions about our family.
  • Written Report of hate crime scene that I encountered shortly after my daughter reported a crime over the phone that took place in her home and motivated my return so I could be there and help her.
  • General descriptions of confidential reports I provided to healthcare system personnel prior to my departure in 1986 that may have been used to remove my first daughter, and keep my family from the exploitation of my second.

March 2023

3-13-23: Was told by the librarian that I took out a book that was placed on hold (when I tried to take it out, the librarian told me that it needed binding so I left without it). What I found interesting about this problem is that the same book was used by a programmer to establish common usage for Chinese translations. Like Shakespeare, which has English characteristics that are appealing, A Dream of Red Mansions has appealing characteristics in Chinese. The author, who uses nothing but the behavior of characters to weave story lines together, is rare among authors who normally use narratives to describe them.

April 2023

4-26-23: Attacked while capturing the entryway alongside my building; a failure of the electrical system snapped over my desk and shut down my battery backup. The alarm went off and the computer connected shut down. When I returned to my desktop to save the video I captured, I found that it could not be saved there by any means, so I captured the video that remained by replaying it on screen and recording it with my phone (about 15 seconds were missing from the end, right before the power supply failure).

June 2023

6-05-23: While working on the new template for IMID (, someone locked me out of my computer. Neither of the passwords for the accounts nor the keys that were generated by the operating system worked to unlock the device, so I had to use a clean install to continue.

6-08-23: While working to establish an audio summary of recent work, I realized my email service was down because I wasn't able to retrieve a subscription confirmation link from the host and while I was re-establishing my email service by other means, someone started banging on my door and a fight broke out down the hall in my apartment building.

July 2023

July 8th: Returned to my log to add the receipt of a 10,000 dollar gift from my father's mother for the resale of her house in 2001, and an 8,000 dollar award that kept me alive after my Harley was obstructed on local streets.

Winter 2023

Late November-Early December Found a piece of led foil in the third dishwasher that's been installed in my unit in about as many years. The last one was brand new, but it had what appeared to be a bowl of ramen noodles coming out the nozzles of the spray arms and in the strainer basket at the bottom of the appliance.

Memorable Events during 2024

January 2024

1-13-24: Lost my phone while picking up groceries at the food shelf. Tried to message the person who was walking around with it by a dermatologist in a local suburb.

February 2024

2-09-24: Logged events that resulted in the formation of IMID.

March 2024

3-5-24: Published a statement about unauthorized changes to my publications at: Site Map (bottom of the page)

3-7-24: Linked a photo of a corrupted draft of an article I call Investigations to a slightly different address that had incomplete and inaccurate information about my business and rewrote for publication at it's old address: Investigations

3-7-24: Encountered an 'a' link in my HTML that would not load on my server. Wrote the incident up at: Community Page

3-8-24: While composing a revision of my site-map page to highlight a statement I made preventing unauthorized edits to my server (at about 11:30 AM), I realize a hashtag is not rerouting my html to the page segment I've marked up on my server, so I checked another one of my hashtag markups on my server to find that its still working.

3-8-24: While composing a summary of the recent anomalies I've described here to the person who sold me my machine, I realize the hashtag that was working on my machine isn't working anymore (by 11:45 AM or so), so I sent him another letter to ask him what's happening.

3-28-24: Realized that events that went missing, like my brother's gift of a motorcycle, or an entry about a death threat, or an entry about a beaten woman may have been obscured by other complications, such as the strange behavior of a physician during a visit to a neurologist during the same week of the death threat which may have seemed offending, or the gift of a gun that was lost shortly after losing the bike, so I tried to clarify more information about each item and incident with more information like, who the brother was, and what the serial number of the gun is.

3-29-24: Encountered obstruction to my junk mail folder after repeated efforts to retrieve a password reset link for a vendor that's very important to me when I didn't find the message in my inbox. Because it applied to all my junk mail folders, it might have been a feature of the Mac Mail program.

3-30-24: Started noticing disruptions to my Internet connection (and people with attitudes about it), though I was able to access my junk mail folders today and rebuild my YouTube Community Page on my own computer instead of waiting for the connection to restore.

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