Activity Log; April 2022

4-29-22 Wrote the handful I've been posting with my ongoing work with the new location of the new article: Local Ramifications

4-28-22 Finished building a new W3 CSS only web page and published Local Ramifications with it at The Trusteeship site. Made corrections to the content and referred the previous location (Google Docs) to the new live copy at The Trusteeship.

4-27-22 Went to pick up sawdust for my compost but the hopper at db wood supply was empty. Found some new wheels for the Husky trunk so I can tow it behind a bike at the Bike Shop (I've already cleaned up the hitch) Picked up some Saffron at Holy Land and updated a few other programming friends. Two others called me, and I was very grateful to hear from both of them.

4-26-22 Edited the new article Local Ramifications to remove identifying features such as namees and locations. Saved a backup to the Linux and sent a copy to the Mac. Updated the W3 CSS for my template to include the new link color scheme, and worked on a new page with nothing but W3 CSS to be free of any other possible encumbrances that might be afforded to third parties. Fine tuned my subscriptions at Amazon and added a few items to my cart. Deleted lists on my phone that don't need to be there. Updated Possibilities for Today.

4-25-22 Wrote a letter to CES and copied the Chamber of Commerce. Locked up my new default Google account and combined recent correspondence into a new article. Continued to try to unsubscribe from unwelcome email at and reset passwords for accounts that are also held by the email addresses at that domain. Sewed new EMF protection into my hat and flash drives backup case and signed up for a new 'green' purchasing card with cash back rewards.

4-24-22 Heard what sounded like a shot in the early AM down the hall and a young man crying out with the words: "I know I'm a victim here!" Then a minute or two of scuffles and the cries faded out. By 8:00AM, there seemed to be residual furor in the wind out on the street down by the alley. At 9:30 AM I checked on my neighbor and recommended that she speak with Crime Prevention. She says someone is letting the person in downstairs on the 2nd floor. Brought over some food, and cleaned up a little bit to find my new Driver's License in the Mail.

4-23-22 Wrote my bodyworker with more details about my recovery and the childhood we grew up with. Wrote a new comment for the case I made with the domain name reputation management firm where I made my plea, and removed identifying information from my log regarding my current hosting company, and what seemed like reckless charges.

4-22-22 Wrote my bodyworker with ongoing developments and programmed my new fan to turn on when it gets hot in the box (I had set it to auto, but computer fan motors aren't built to run all the time and it wasn't responding to heat changes). Wrote my former employee with my ongoing efforts to secure funding and reposted a comment that was hidden by the private/public state's of the presentation at YouTube. Adjusted the level of the refrigerator so the door will close without forcing it shut.

4-21-22 Changed my PW at my hosting account, my personal bank account and secure mail account and setup my Linux to operate with my monitor. Went to a meeting and returned to log my comments at YouTube. Wrote my bodyworker with plans for a new project on the South East side of town. Enabled Bluetooth peripherals, though I am still encountering disruption to services like that and WiFi in particular, so I don't use them often.

4-20-22: Went to my desk to get to work at 9:00 and found a truck parked in the entryway to the building across the sidewalk on 2nd Street SE. We have several blind people in our building, and it is already difficult for them to navigate that stretch of sidewalk without a curb to navigate with because their are two driveways that cross there making for a long stretch without an edge to navigate by. Now, with a truck parked across the sidewalk, they'll have no option but to turn down the driveway (which may pose an additional hazard to people leaving and entering the building) and find no room to walk back on the other side of the truck. And then no other way but to navigate an even more dangerous path around the back of the truck on the street side by going into the street and onto a lane of oncoming traffic to get back to the sidewalk on the other side of the truck. And the fact is, that many of the tenants wait for unreasonable periods of time to obtain an alternative form of transportation, and are proud of their independence (or they wouldn't be here).

4-19-22 Gathered funds from my various accounts to purchase a new security solution for my apartment that will provide anonymous information about entries (without a camera), to avoid conflicts that may result. Reset my Amazon PW after adding the sensors I need to the shopping cart. Tried to stay in touch with Russian contacts at YouTube (some may wonder where my loyalties lie), though I am a patriot of my country nevertheless.

4-18-22 Took compost to the grocery store and deposited what I could to my business account. Purchased some tennis shoes and shorts and clothing at a department store and wrote up a review to thank the staff for very safe handling of meat in their meat department.

4-17-22: Reorganized and cleaned the strongbox and kept tension of the cables that need to reach controls on the desktop. Did laundry and cleaned the area under the strong box and desk to continue to remove threats like dust from disrupting the cooling power of the fans. Installed a programmable fan in the strong box to keep the computer and peripherals cool (the fan circulates air through the closed box whenever the temperature rises above reasonable levels) and used the 12 Volt DC power supply I had to supply computer fans that I harvested from an old machine to replace the AC current across the wall.

4-16-22 Built a field generator with AC current flow across two diamond mesh steel grates separated by a wall to deal with what seems like trespassing in the area while I'm trying to sleep.

4-15-22: Filed a claim at Lexsynergy to recover damages for the negative impact obstructions have caused to the reputation of my business, and will be continuing to seek new ways to prevent the harm from continuing. After working to secure email from my apple account (which is how I wrote a contact for a potential investor), I tried sending another link to my admin account and it failed. So I sent the message from a account and that worked.

Then I sent the email from the account to two different admin accounts, and the gmail reached my admin account in the UK, but did not reach me in the States. Because apple email is for a link at my YouTube account, as opposed to the previous email with a link to a map of crime scenes at Google Maps, this effort to establish communication might've been easier to accomplish, but we haven't abandoned the effort to cover such material in anyway by reaching out for assistance from Lexsynergy, and have already covered the impact of the threat that may be posed by doing so by keeping a log on the subject.

Spam filters may be involved, and suspect that disruption by those who have been trained to use them may be abusing the privilege to filter my email to field my opportunities by using justifications like: "he's rude". I had a similar problem when reporting to my County Caseworkers for healthcare insurance, and was frequently required to provide three copies of the verification of my business to them in order to secure healthcare for the injuries I sustained while trying to obtain food from people who don't require reporting, so am continuing to report the requirements that lead to injury online and obtaining my food elsewhere.

4-14-22: Removed the Power Supply from the Optiplex Mr. Wilson provided to try to power the fans I've already removed, but will need controllers. Tried to study the tune Boo Hoo by Icepick in Russian by following Natasha from Yeah Russia on YouTube. And reviewed Camofloge and Stealth camping techniques with Vanessa at Wild Woman Bushcraft from Germany. Reset the FTP passwords at my host and updated the software on the Linux. Wrapped up the Case Details at Lexsynergy by adding one more comment about the problems we've had with the Secretary of State (they dismissed the case because I'm no longer incorporated) to follow the concerns about access to my email (in addition to loosing a current account, I lost the account I used to get established at the Secretary of State's website). Mailed my Property Tax Refund with some ambiguity about the ownership of this place after procuring an envelope from Alex and picked up some snack food and clean towels at Target, and made a small donation to Forest on the corner.

4-13-22: Removed YouTube comments and several other irrelevant links from my TOC at Google Docs and went to work on a new sandbox (this time made out of cardboard). Fixed the chain that holds my butterfly (found on the ground on University Avenue) with a new fastener so it can be removed easily, or refitted. Sorted semblances of a strategy to help my aborted child and the child who died in New Mexico to adapt by using metal bells and another gold chain and with thread to suspend the bells above the manikan and ball and cleaned the hitch for the trailer with vinager to identify which parts need replacing. Repaired the towel rack in the bathroom (one of the fixtures was falling off again, by using plastic sleeves for the sheet rock screws that hold it in place and prepared my 2021 Property Tax Refund to obtain a rebate on the rent I've paid and pay back the debt at the Cameron. Commented on "Being made to go" at MSNBC at YouTube on a news report about the conflict in Ukraine, and responded to John Butler's post on the power of prayer in the UK. Did my recycling and picked up some more groceries at Target after checking my balance at the Bank.

4-12-22: Continued to work on my the Claim at Lexsynergy by adding yet another comment about what happens when we start writing about crime, or making claims about crimes. Made a new sandbox for the Maniken and cleaned the kitchen and bathroom. Picked up another package from Amazon.

4-11-22: Tried to access another of my google accounts but was denied for 'too many attempts' because while trying to get the verification code, I had to login to ****@****.*** email account. I logged into *****@*****.*** to log out of all my accounts when I realized that my email account for ***@****.*** has failed completely. Both Alibaba, my source for the Biotech Project, and Amazon my supplier for medications are tended by that account (among other things). At the time, I was trying to locate my freind Christine's email address (my hyaluronic acid supplier in China) which was in the address book at the NS email account and is not in my contacts (which seems to get hacked as well). And, my computer was shut down while updating my backup to kep a new copy of my database and a backup of my website safe. And had to let go of the encrypted messages at Protonmail when I couldn't access the database to retrieve my password. So I tried to do so on the Linux, and the process has stahled, but I was able to reset the password at Yodlee (to ensure the safety of my bank accounts), Wrote up a claim at Lexsynergy and added a comment because my claim was hacked while writing it in order to prevent the claim from being misunderstood. And wrote another comment about Constitutional Limitations referring to documents I published that have fighting words in them.

4-10-22: Logged into my host to correct a forwarding (301) command that was failing and to determine what went wrong with my email service at ****.*** and provided an IP address at GoDaddy for the ****.** webservice instead of forwarding. Removed forwarding from ***.** to make a claim at Lexsynergy, and prospected a new set of domains there. Changed the email passwords at ****mail, ****.**, *****.**, and tried adding ***.** email service to the Mac Tower. Accdessed the Google account at ****@***.** to post a new video, but the post went to an account I was already logged into. Tried to pick up some less expensive Sea Sponges at the Hobby store, but it was closed.

4-9-22: Called some of my friends with clarifications about the conflicts and problems I have, some of whom I've tried to share clips with by email or text message.

4-8-22: Did the recycling (the wind blew most of the plactic bags out of my recycling bag), and took the compost over to Van Cleave Park. Picked up a few groceries at Target and stopped by at the Library on the way home to get my Property Tax Refund forms. Noticed a girl on the avenue waiting by the curb who seemed to need help, but she was surronded by guys in cars right next to her and behind her, so I ensured that she made it to her doorway safely. Tried to compose a few new videos and short anecdotes but was defamed by the channel when I did, so threw out all the kids stuff promptly and without regret.

4-7-22: Rest the account PW at Linux, and the Apple ID and then the Keeper password to lock up the new Apple. Kept trying to access the old database, but no luck so far.

4-6-22: Dropped off additional information for the DMV to process my Drivers License, and picked up supplies at Littons Party Favours for therapudic reasons. Also got some new pajamas at the Salvation Army and returned home to do some cooking (some of which I gave to my neighbors) Did the laundry, and cleaned the house. Tore up my old pajamas to make rags, and recorded the unboxing of the sundries from Littons. Gathered some sand to make a new sandbox and spoke to the woman who's been having trouble getting rides in the entryway of the building about Squaters in the area.

4-5-22: Made a package opening video after receiving an Amazon Delivery. Logged yesterday's events after a bad day at the University on Monday (the Gradpros Student didn't think I was a good candidate for the prosthedontics department). Was greeted kindly by a Native woman wile leaving with my hazard vest on and a man on the way home who reminded me of events during my early sobriety (the use of the jumper in dreams that helped me learn to fly.) Also greeted by a Muslim woman at Cub foods who thought I might be an employee because of the hazard vest. Thought about visiting Hmongtown for veggies and visiting Michael R at the Deli, but got an email notification of the fact that I hadn't logged out of the old phone at Gopher Mods, so went to take care of that problem first. Wrote Melanie of CES with concerns about her surgery after recieving her reply to my enquiry as to how things went.

4-4-22: Called Nicholas J. with ongoing concers, and took a call from my host's solicitors (regarding the promotion of my business) and my phone took messages from Michael Parson's (my mother's husband) while I was on the phone (I called the previous day to thank him for his support). Called James to field support for the ownership of the Mission (and funding for all the missions providing food) and called my host to provide an evaluation to support their efforts to help me out. Went to the University to meet with my dentist. Found a letter from mom and a gift of cash, Dialed the FBI after being turned down there and had a meal at Hong Kong Noodle to cool off. Checked my foodstamp balance and Called Nic with a recap. Michael P called back twice, but I did not speak to him. He left messages.

4-3-22: Wrote JL with a note linking the Health features of the iPhone and an apology for writing late the night before. Called Mom out of frustration for the interference I was dealing with and later called her back to apologies for laying blame on the family (there may be other forces at work). Wrote Melanie with well wishes and thanked Michael P for his support. Made a clip about The Trusteeship heading to Minneapolis and worked on my new telephone's features until I realized there were still some security problems, so I left it as it was to finish my upload only to find that it stalled. Tried resetting passwords to complete the work, but was compromised while trying to do so and shut the phone off.

4-2-22: Disassembled the Kasa Camera I purchasd to replace the Swann assembly, and packaged it for return. Republished MEP Publications at my host with a swift upload of my current copy. Tried to move the registration of the domain to my new address, but was compromised by the loss of my KeyPass database during the process. Tidied up DNS records (some of which were pointing to IPs I was unfamiliar with). Added an alias to my email addresses at to retrieve mail from my group and rebuilt the bridge after using WiFi to update my new phone - finally migrated my Authenticator very carefully). Paid my bills, ordered my meds from Amazon and tried to find another replacement for the Annke (the security camera that's in storage).

4-1-22: Called Nic with another early morning update, and went to Gopher Mods to pick up the iPhone Mini. Bought groceries and supplies and made deposites to make my payments at The Trusteeship account. Reset the Apple ID password, and updated my iPhone on the Comcast WiFi connection (at home) but could hear acknowledgments of my activity down the hall, so changed the password and locked up as soon as I was finished. Setup the Kasa security camera, and shut down as soon as I got it working.