Events during the 2020s with Internet reporting after a Hate Crime took place in 1998

1-29-20: Started keeping a paper log to record my work and activities (as well as incidents.

2-3-20: After calling my ISP to reset my password, I'm still locked out of my account (password resets accomplished by browser did not work, though the browser claimed my password was reset).

2-7-20: Found missing property in my trunk. I thought the lock was secure, now I know its not.

2-8-2020: Found corruptions to the copy of my log I keep on my phone. Fraudulent claims made in the copy on my phone include:

A claim that I requested a couch from our caretaker to influence reporting at my building.

The term groping a brother used in a report about an accusation made on the street was changed to 'clinging to - or holding onto a brother'.

An entry about getting locked out of my accounts was replaced by a hack of the entry to make a meaningless statement.

3-5-20: Sent a letter to some of my friends, which I revised and published on the 9th for clarity (someone made a complaint about confusing language).

3-10-20: And copy from Open Letter was hacked by an insertion from another article I wrote, called Poetry, or Inspiration.

3-26-20: Found my new logos missing from one of the sites on my workstation.

4-5-20: While proudly trying out my new brown shoes, I realized that the soul of the left shoe had been torn away from the upper, causing me to trip when walking back from my apothecary.

5-30-20: Found my camomile tea replaced with beer in my locked refrigerator after leaving for groceries and locking up my apartment (as usual)

5-19-20: Found that sample advertisements edited 4-21-20 with a new domain on my local workstation (the domain name was compromised earlier this year) were reverted to an old version.

6-4-20: Found reports about the years of my youth at home recast in a selfish tone, and corrected it.

6-2-20: Someone at the grocery store used my name to call me a liar. and I explained to the checkout clerk that a Journalist in Iran may be facing the death penalty for telling the truth.

6-12-20: Found an email address that I don't have listed in the information box of my YouTube video How to Keep a Log (Because its intended for children and vulnerable adults, I filed a complaint at the National Hotline for Missing and Exploited Children).

Sometime during the month of June, my security camera was disabled. I can no longer log onto my camera's IP.

6-28-20: Got hacked while writing a letter to my friend (the top of the letter - which was off screen - was corrupted while I was finishing the bottom).

6-29-20: Was finally able to reset the password to my Gateway Business Account reliably with a rebuilt PC from the University.

7-2-20: A letter to the Police, the FBI, and three other representatives from Germany, Japan, and Korea who seem to have sincerely responded to problems I report in this log were corrupted in transit, or by use of a paste command (duplicates were corrupted).

7-6-20: On a hot day, while walking to get supplies, I stopped to get a soda at a laundrymat, and the machine took my money, but did not vend a soda.

8-28-20: Found plugs corrupted in my sockets prompting me to buy yet another battery backup to prevent damages resulting from surges in my power supply.

8-30-20: Toxic fumes in my apartment inspired me to build a better air filter, and try out new air filtration strategies.

10-19-20 to 10-21-20: Returned home to find my clothing torn and slime on my bathroom floor.

11-3-20: My glasses went missing while walking into my building with my neighbor when someone who I didn't know followed us in. And, I found a piece of rope I use to border my bed cut off and under the bed on the floor.

End of November/early December 2020: The subwoofer for my audio system failed.

12-18-20: Head tag and metatags missing from some of my web pages.

12-23-20: Shower curtain liner covered in black mold.

1-24-20: Food tossed near the end of my hallway seems to indicate some kind of struggle though I didn't see or hear any disturbances at that time, but I notified our new resident manager of the problem.

2-5-21: Content missing from my flash drive while making edits prompts me to find a better alternative. Hacks to my content, including web based content, have been horribly bad. Old copy, and disrupted copy result in unreliable reports and inaccuracies not published by me. I correct the changes whenever I encounter them.

2-17-20: New builds are holding up, but javascript and font support needs updating.

2-18-21: The only database I keep was removed from my desktop without an internet connection but I was able to capture an image of unusual traffic detected when I did get back online (uploaded a screen shot).

2-19-21: The temperature in my apartment is not always regulated by the thermostate and the thermostat readings are not always accurate (found that the batteries in the device were not what was recommended)

2-22-21: Found a prompt at PayPal asking me to confirm my account with a UK number which may have been mine at one time, but for which I have no record today (uploaded a screenshot).

3-17-21: Desktop sites getting corrupted on my Mac

4-2-21: Efforts to make Easter donations to various churches I've been following result in huge overdrafts at my new bank.

4-9-21: Ongoing bank charges require further deposits, and I find myself being followed to the bank, and attached by others when approaching banks and bank tellers.

5-1-21: Found my own composition online characterizing me as a respondent to a representative I do not know, or have any communications with.

Events Log 2022

January 17th: Unusual traffic detected on my browser.

March 7th Let my banker know that I removed all third party attachments to my Checking Account in an effort to control collateral damage that has continued since the publication of my bank account Username and Password on a Social Network Business Page in 2014.

March Details

April 4th: Was determined to be a bad candidate for the Grad Prosthodontics Department after a prior intervention to remove cancer from my mouth.

May 12th: At about 10:55 my neighbor texted to let me know that there had been a fire in the hall. I took a look the next day and realized we had a very close call. The smells are familiar, and come with bitter memories of the damage to the Medical Arts Building downtown.

April Details

May 17th: Went to get my tetanus booster on the 12th after having difficulty with scheduling and walked home to find my security system unarmed. By the 17th, my left leg showed signs of serious compromises. I was bit on this leg by a pit bull during 2017 (8-28-17) while trying to visit my wife and left untreated.

July 8th: Returned to my log to add the receipt of a 10,000 dollar gift from my father's mother for the resale of her house in 2001, and an 8,000 dollar award that kept me alive when my Harley was blocked on a local street.

July 8th Found entries with incorrect dates, and statements that invalidated themselves to make corrections based upon public records. I know these entries were hacked, because I removed them myself out of concern for the party involved.

Events Log 2023

January 2023

1-17 to 1-18-23 Sound and vibrations continue to be a problem in my apartment.

Take One
Take Two
Take Three
Take Four

February 2023

2-2-23: Using public disclosure with a focus on the audience and a companies reputation to force compliance with company policy.

Possible Motivations: Discussion about my step father that may have been considered dangerous (and the failure of the courts to make a judgement about these disclosures by using psychobabble to obscuring the facts with doubts about my testimony) and the resulting paranoid assumptions about the vulnerability of his son.

Written Report of hate crime scene that I encountered shortly after my daughter reported a crime over the phone that took place in her home and motivated my return so I could be there and help her.

General descriptions of confidential reports I provided to healthcare system personnel prior to my departure in 1986 that may have been used to remove my first daughter, and keep my family from the exploitation of my second.