Events during the 1990s as Internet reporting began and a Hate Crime took place in 1998

FALSE ALLEGATIONS made in a report dated 2-28-1990 claimed I stole my grandmother's bank drafts (my mother was transferring $10,000 dollars a year from the value of grandma's house in order to preserve the value of the estate before grandma was placed in a long term care facility).

1990: While trying to adjudicate parental rights, a witness said I would 'cut my daughter's ears off'.

1992: Lost my home and moved to another State to make my way.

1992: Someone I met in a coffee shop said she was making arrangements to experiment on Autistic Children by using vibration.

1994: Sued for child support by the Mother of my second Daughter by Long-arm Petition while trying to become self supporting.

1996: Organized in an effort to close a Hospital by ending County based referrals. (Hospital Staff was accused of causing the deaths of three patients while improperly restrained).

1996: Recruited to work as an advocate for vulnerable adults in the health care system.

1997: Granted a conditional release after being convicted of reckless driving (for driving on a flat).

1998: Asked for an early inheritance from my step-father and he agreed to send 8,000.00 dollars by the fall of 1998 to help with the formation of my new business.

October 1998: Encountered a Hate Crime Scene while traveling to ask about a confession made by my daughter because I couldn't get anything done by telephone.

One Example of Constitutional Limitations

This example does not provide a prosectution - its not supposed to. The goal is to show how easy it is to overlook the real causes and conditions of our circumstances, and the danger of attempting to do this work on our own. The government does not have to stop defamation, but others can and do.

In a prior effort to report, the author shared what was apparently inflammatory information - we believe it lead to an assault.

Is that wrong? Because a violent crime took place, the information used to justify it has to be 'toned down'. Offensive language must be removed, and ambiguity is safe - not crazy, or unreliable. There are many reports, and usually at least two reporters: the author, and the publisher. Perhaps the most tragic problem of all, is that the Internet can never really represent Itself. Its always representing others.

Our reputations may be sullied by ambiguous or unreliable accounts, but decisions made by the Courts can ruin our lives. If our only remaining opportunity for a safe defense or passage online becomes compromised, then we'll have no recourse at all.

While we may be mocked in our efforts to do so, God is not mocked, and we're seeking new accounts every day, but will it help them, or become harmful? We believe that without these lessons, it will become harmful to innocent children - and deadly to us all. Prior to this, that is how we were taught! Our powers of awareness during crisis are feeble, especially when traumatized.

Because the author was unaware of the consequences of his bad swing, he failed to respond to his friend's need for recovery. But what's become clear, is that God's effort to forgive them both is at work. These are difficult challenges fo face when we're young children, but we've been able to overcome our human failure to make things right by witnessing what God can do in these works. We're lucky to be able to pass it on.

Please see: Project Details for an example of the kinds of problems we've encountered with spoken language, and lessons in general.

History following the Hate Crime Scene Encounter

  1. My work on Patients Rights as a Health Care Advocate during the 1990's.
  2. Reports I provided to the Mental Health System at home during the 80's and 90's before I went to another live in another State.
  3. Reports I made to members of the Church, and Mentors including members of Anonymous Fellowships during the 80's and 90's.
  4. Other features of my history, including work that might have been perceived as threatening, such as my activism, and/or participation in civil disobedience.
  5. November 1998: Smashed my fender on a bolder in the ditch while driving around a gate in Washington County after reminiscing about the area (someone locked the gate to a gravel pit while I was inside).
  6. November 20, 1998: Assaulted by someone asking where I was going downtown because I wouldn't say.