Events during 1986 prior to a Hate Crime in 1998

Events Prior

1986: Shortly after hosting a Christmas Party for my family, my girlfriend attempted suicide, and I found myself groping on my hands and knees with no light in my imagination for what might have caused such a thing to occur. At the dinner party, my brother referred to the need for children to be on leashes. He was also the object of my girlfriend's attention at the dinner table, but the combination of events was cataclysmic to our relationship.

Events Following

2009: My brother gave me a custom Harley Davidson motorcycle that my fiance denounced on the day of my birthday celebration as a hazard she would not tolerate in the house. I respected her opinion, but chose to drive it anyway only to realize a few years later that doing so set me up to take the blame for the crime.

Upon Reflection

2022: After already loosing one child to abortion I may have been too defiant about the right to life. The Admiral himself, my partner's father, shared a story from the Vietnam War that taught me to be more respectful of the kind of suffering that results in death. Please see also: Urban Survival