Events during the 1980s prior to Internet reporting and a Hate Crime in 1998

1980: Fell to my knees in a shower as I recalled a repressed memory while in treatment for alcoholism.

Fall 1981: Disciplined my brother while medicated on tranquilizers by striking him when he refused to go to bed by 10:30 PM (my mother's expectation of me require me to do so).

1982: Started experiencing new energy as a result of daily meditation, and guidance from a good friend.

1984: As a young man, my significant other wrote a poem describing me as the dream of a little girl, challenging my efforts to secure our relationship.

1982: My partner decided to abort my child. I was early in sobriety, and she asked me to be discrete about our relationship, so roll plays she initiated with me (including forced sex) may have served as an honorable explanation for her behavior.

1984: Enjoyed a new sense of freedom when living on my own and returning to school.

1984: A biohazard sign is hung on my door when hospitalized by recurring trauma because I was placed in an apartment with a person infected by HIV. Resulting negativity leads to damaging opinions.

1986: Shortly after hosting a Christmas Party for my family, my girlfriend attempts suicide, and I find myself groping on my hands and knees on the floor of my apartment with no light in my imagination for what might have caused such a thing to occur.