Events during the 1970s prior to Internet reporting and a Hate Crime that took place in 1998

1970: After cleaning up from work at our uncles farm, my step-father's powers of creation displays. While I don't remember what happened after the posturing began, we prayed the Rosary that night, and I reported that incident and others in therapy.

1970: While shutting down after recess in the gymnasium, my friend Rusty cornered me by rolling the floor mat up against me next to the wall.

1973: Met a freind just north of my school and realized that I had quite an impact on his younger sister. For some reason, she took a strong liking to me.

1974: Required to provide a colonic to my brother before he went to bed. After greasing the stopcock, I asked if he'd like to insert it himself, he said: "No, Mom always does it for me".

1975: Asked to strip my work-clothes in the mudroom before going into the house, but approached from behind, my step-father's attention becomes more difficult to avoid while picking them up to put them in the washer.

1975/1976: Trauma resulting from throwing sod manually from a conveyer belt to a pallet on the tractor platform leads to an adaptation that causes pain in my shoulder and right arm ever since. As a result of the pain in my wrist, I adapt by grabbing the sod with nothing but the end of my arm to wrestle it over to the pallet to my left.

1975: While dreaming of a young girl in bed, my step-dad watches through my bedroom window outside in the dark.

1975: Interrogated by my Step-Father repeatedly asking "Why do you leave the lights on?" (Until I realized that I may have brought on his behavior by doing so, his questions tortured me).

1976: Felt up by my boss while on the job.

1976: Realized while mowing my bosses yard that his daughter took a strong liking to me (by this time, I suspected it must've had something to do with something, or somebody else, not me, but I was shocked by the persistent advances of affectionate young girls).

1976: Beaten-up by the side-kick of 'the boss', who also told me not to be the spokesperson for the crew.

Spring 1978: Went with a friend to get a job out of State. I thought we'd both get hired, but he didn't, and it may have been my assumptions that cost him the time and money to travel out there to apply.

Summer 1978: Lost all my belongings when I left my work camp for a weekend with the family (The thief left my hardhat with defecation in it, and a sock he wiped with).

Fall of 1978: Went to work down south for a while and witnessed my step mother peel the scab off my half brother's penis after his circumcision. He cried, but there was nothing I could do about it. I don't really know why I had to see that happen, but its troubled me ever since.

1978: While working for a restaurant in the area, I was required to take a lie detector test (someone stole silverware from the facility).

Summer 1979: Discussed concerns about my step-father's behavior with my uncle, a Priest. He suggestively motioned with his eyes to join him in my bed.

1979: Drug and alcohol induced spiritual experience while fishing on a lake with a friend.

1979: Walked off the job at the Sod Farm after being required to spread feces from my old neighborhood on the field.