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Memorable Events during the 1960s

1962: Visited Grandma after leaving our home in Germany, and got lost following a cat down the avenue.

1960s: My brother loses a flip flop in the surf after a bar-b-que on the beach, but the ribs were so amazing, we really had a good time.

1964: My parents divorce after we left Barbados where strange dreams, ear aches and pressures I didn't understand disturbed my sleep.

Mother comforts me in the rocking chair, and I read books to my brother in a cast on the beach, but the condition becomes painfully persistent.

1960's My father's brother slides off a muddy road in the dark onto the edge of a cliff with us in the back. Dad got out and, after several tries, pushed us back onto the road.

1960s: I fall out of a treehouse at my Uncle's place in Iowa while working on it among other things, such as playing chopsticks on the piano and concentration with cards.

1960s: My mother's brother, a girl across the street, and the pilot of the airplane that flew us back to our grandma's house from a stay with my father's brother all die violent deaths.

1960s Stray cats are rounded up for the experimentation of electrodes in their heads by the University when we return to grandma's house.

1965: Mounting pressures become an indulgence. I bang my head on the walls, grimace at the dinner table, and grunt and groan on the floor in the bathroom hallway.

1966: I hit my friend with a baseball bat while practicing a swing. I told his Mother right away, but didn't see him get back up.

1967: One of my friends, Jimmy, asked me to hit Heather, a classmate that was walking home on the other side of the street from us one day, but I really liked her. My need to be faithful to my good friend was also very important to me, so I hit her in the chest, which is what me and my brother's were very interested in at the time.

1968: My Step-Father requires kisses before going to bed by using his tongue and one lip to mock the impression of the 'animals' in Dinkytown where we went to school.

1968: While tingling each other's backs in the living room with friends, my Step-Dad joins in by tickling our necks. When I laughed, he choked me until I couldn't breathe anymore.

1968: Efforts to cope with new threats in the house result in an evaluation of the capacity to do harm, efforts to identify the source of the mounting pressures we faced, and strategy to contend with the old and new rivals.

1969: While digging out my Scoutmaster's basement, and working on the Farm, we're introduced to alcohol and tobacco. "Work like a man, drink like a man!" we were told, so I enjoyed my new privilege.

Articles describe the problem of leaving problems behind which does not always work. Similar circumstances continued to evolve, and even the names stayed the same.

For a narrative of events leading up to the Hate Crime Scene, with commentary and conclusions outside the scope of this example, please see: Investigations

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