Events during the 1960s prior to a Hate Crime in 1998


Those who claim to remember all of the 1960s didn't really live them.

Screenshots of the original language are posted, but I was advised by my mother to refrain from vulgar language, and by the police to tone my work down, so be advised: These examples serve to illustrate what lawyers using legalese obfuscate, or confuse with contracts that can be interpreted to refer to this kind of problem without saying so.

The problem with confusion as caused by equivocation or ambiguity is that the targets of our anger are not clear, and innocent people get hurt. For example, by referring to 'the cat on the avenue' as the reason for getting lost, some might believe I refer to one of my mother's lovers when in fact it really was just a calico cat. Or, when I refer to my step father, some might believe that to be the person who rescued me from my a neighborhood that may still be prosecuting me for a mistake I made when I was 7 years old when in fact I've had at least 2 step fathers by law and a few others by virtue of her intimate relations, so I wrote a piece about my step father to help others to write through disparaging circumstances.

Screenshots of entries

1962: Visited Grandma while on vacation abroad, and got lost following a cat down the avenue.

1964: Sex conduct ends my parents marriage. Strange dreams, ear aches and pressure I don't understand disturbs my sleep. Mother comforts me in her rocking chair.

1960's Stray cats are rounded up and brought to the University for experimentation involving the use of electrodes in their heads.

1960's My father's brother slides off a muddy road in the dark onto the edge of a cliff with us in the back. Dad got out and, after several tries, pushes us back onto the road.

1965: Mounting pressures become an indulgence. I bang my head on the walls, grimace at the dinner table, and grunt and groan on the floor in the bathroom hallway.

1966: I hit my neighbor with a sovenier baseball bat while practicing a swing. I told his Mother right away, but didn't see him get back up.

1960's: My mother's brother, a girl across the street, and the pilot of the airplane that flew us back to our grandma's house from a stay with my father's brother all die violent deaths.

1968: Efforts to cope with new threats in the house result in an evaluation of the capacity to do harm, efforts to identify the source of the mounting pressures we faced, and strategy to contend with the old and new rivals.

1969: While digging out my Scoutmaster's basement, and working on the Farm, we were introduced to alcohol and tobacco. "Work like a man, drink like a man!" we were told.

Articles describes the problem of leaving problems behind which does not always work. Similar circumstances continued to evolve, and even the names stayed the same.

For a narrative of events leading up to the Hate Crime Scene, with commentary and conclusions outside the scope of this example, please see: Investigations