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That we might be better able to see

My Motivations

26 years after I hit my friend with a bad swing, I concluded my education with a thesis on how we visualize the world we see. And, the Berkeley scientist I cited, who used live monkeys to map the structures in our brain that render our world view was in trouble.

It’s hard to say whether the publication of my work resulted in the Animal Rights protests that I encountered when I arrived, or if the activists followed me there, but it's possible that both events just happened to occur simultaneously.

I don’t agree to disruption that interferres with work intended to heal, transform, or prevent ongoing damage from occurring, but it's been happening ever since Dr Hess, a Swiss Scientis who was working to overcome sleep disorders used deep brain stimulation to help people with problems like these to sleep: Concerns about invasive procedures have troubled scientists all along.

My Uncle Dibbie worked with cats at the University that had electrodes implanted in their heads, like Dr. Hess from Switzerland and I believe his motives were good, but he was probably more worried about why I got lost on the Avenue than he was about the cats.

(I got lost following a calico cat on the street in my hometown, but it's not enough to use an ambiguous term such as: cat on the avenue to describe my reason for doing so, if it results in riots and shootings.)

So I returned to discussion about the adultry that my mother asked me to avoid in order to make clear what some may have percieved as a racist effort to stereotype black men as harmful in order to put them down.

Language is prone to ambiguity and the equivocation that results can be very taxing to modern man, so we use the Internet and hypertext to be more clear.

I was told to do all I can for my friend and didn't mean to harm anyone by doing so. Web development is just the best way for me to respond with a more compassionate approach by rational means. Endless convictions by people who may have suspected me of carelessness, or harmful intent chose to correct what they believed to be my lack of awareness with costly hospitalizations; questionable use of facilities intended to repair the damage of physical problems.

But fear and avoidance grants those who weild it the power to exploit us by articulating words in ways unbefitting. For example: nothing can done about the impact of a simple phrase turned from compassion for the deceased (such as our concern about the Holocaust) into the exploitation of the living, but to restate our meaning more clearly.

Relevant Information:

Physicians, treating us for tramatic practices inflicted beyond our recall, are serving to determine the information we volunteer for ongoing investigations, and the physical and financial restraint of these patients, such as those used by hospitals and courts all over this country, are used to keep them from their opportunity to check on their children. And children, in our hospitals, who are known to die in under these conditions have been raised by forcible druggings, restraints and electonic probes to determine what motivates their behavior (or to learn how to control them). Please see also: Log

Various Obstructions

When I returned home in 1998 and stayed with my Auntie Diskerud, I went the the Satellite Communications Convention downtown to hear Gore speak with no credentials and nobody kept me out. And I stayed for as long as I could - until someone decided that I didn’t belong there.

Some things may be improving, but problems that motivated the pilgrims to reach the new world, like witch burnings and lynch mobs, are easier to accomplish behind this thin veil than they were in the old world and many here are impoverished without defense. Please see also: Pleading

Like telling your brother’s story from your mother’s point of view, it might allow for a retirement in a warmer climate, like the Sanctuary for Monkey's from Berkeley

But changes made to a famous quote may have allowed editors to access my hosting platform early on in the development of my corporation. By 2008, new websites were being rerouted to obscure domains and by 2012, hacks to my core web programming products were breaking up and smeared to portray these honest efforts as hate.

So this website has been stripped of all third party participation, and will continue without any third party products to strenthen your faith in our ongoing effort to tell the truth in this medium.

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